Autoline DMS

Autoline Dealer Management System

Autoline is a fully proven Dealer Management System with three thousand installations world-wide and twenty five years of progressive development behind it. The system has a unique track record of success, placing it as the widely respected benchmark standard and industry leader, with extensive manufacturer recognition and endorsement.

Autoline is a focused and scaleable product, suiting all types of outlet, single- or multi-franchise and virtually any number of locations. The system is easily tailored to suit individual requirements ranging from a basic configuration and less than twenty users to more sophisticated installations with several hundred users, complex networks and links to other third-party systems.

An essential strength of Autoline is the wide range of interface and file transfer facilities linking dealers with manufacturers and importers covering parts, warranty, service, vehicles and finance. In this area alone, ADP has active technical partnerships with long term commitment for support and system developments.

Autoline reflects today's competitive and demanding business environment, providing efficiency and dependability in day to day trading. It is an exceptionally powerful management information tool, an aid to control and a vital asset in business development and progress.